Sunday, October 10, 2010


As I said in my previous post fall has been busy.

I've had the workers that made the loafing shed tear down another old one & put up another new one. I'm very happy with their work. So I ask them to do a lot of handyman jobs that have needed done, some for years. They are going to start on that next.

I'm having the barn rewired. There are pictures in a book about Monte Vista, of the barn supposedly taken in 1887, so it is old. The old wiring frightens me as I know the barn could burn very quickly. So another project.

The two big ones I need to work on are Dennis' items from his parents farm in Spokane. I need a list for Dennis' children and working on Mom & Dad's paperwork items. Those are both priorities. Helping Mom & then her death messed up me finishing up Dennis stuff. So I need to restart this.

The hay is put up & I 'm almost ready for winter!!


Syd said...

Holy cow, gal you are one busy woman! Glad the hay is ready for winter, think it is gonna sneak up on us rather quickly. Your always in my prayers.

Shelley said...

Congratulations on getting the hay put away. Sounds like a very good idea to have the barn rewired. Take care.

Phi Beta Paca said...

Hi Debra Haden said you might teach a course on felting. When and how much and what would you cover?

Wanda said...

Lois Burbach will be teaching the class. Cost runs $75 for either a scarf or a vase. If you do both it is $125. Lois comes to my house outside of Monte. She provides all the materials & I provide a meal (if during that time of the day). We are looking at the Fri & Sat after Thanksgiving if I can find enough people interested in one or the other or both. email me privately at easier for me to follow there.