Saturday, July 17, 2010

I have been remiss getting anything posted. So much going on.

First a "me" update. The GYN Dr. referred me to a surgeon. I managed to get a copy of my thyroid ultrasound to discover I had 4 nodules. 3 on my right thyroid & 1 on my left thyroid. I was given some names of surgeons in Santa Fe for a consult. I had my consult early in July and was given 3 options. One was a needle biopsy of one nodule.................. surgery to remove the right side, do a biopsy of the left nodule at that time & if cancer found remove all.........or to see an endocrinologist. I picked surgery.

In the meantime we had plans to get together as a family to go through the rest of my parent's items at their house & prepare for an auction. Plus I still had my Dad's Ford dealership with parts to find a new home for.

So things got quite hectic. We got rid of parts & cleaned up that area of the dealership. My siblings & I got together portions of the week of July 5th & went through Mom & Dad's house. We worked on dividing things up & packing things into boxes. We met with the auctioneers. Then on July 14th I had my right thyroid removed in Santa Fe. My sister who is a nurse was with me as was my brother & son. We spent the night after the surgery in Santa Fe (not allowed to leave in case there were complications). The surgery went well & so far there was no cancer found. I have a follow up appointment this coming week & hopefully all the pathology will be back.

In the meantime again we are still working on my parent's house & the garage for the auction. The date is set for August 16th for both auctions. What an absolute relief it will be to have this finished. There will still be a lot to do but nothing like before.

I am feeling well. My suture line is a little sore, but not bad. The first night was the worst due to the anti nausea medication not working. But when I got the correct medication I did quite well. So I am on my way to recovery.

I must add that I am pleased that my siblings and I have been able to do such a good job of working together at my parent's home. I have a wonderful group of siblings (& their spouses), I am proud to say that they are all great.

In the meantime there are other things to do "around the farm".

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Syd said...

Very grateful all went well with your surgery, and the connection with siblings during a very stressful time. I hope things slow down a bit for you.