Saturday, March 13, 2010

Amazing Happenings

Way back in about 1985 my first husband John, & I decided to sponsor a little boy through our churches missionary effort. He was a pastor's son in Africa through the Nazarene Missionary sponsorship program. When Dennis died in 1987 I chose to continue to sponsor this young man. He was 7 years old then. I continued through his high school experience. I cannot remember for sure the last time I heard from him, but I think the sponsorship continued until around 18 & then I received a letter later. We wrote letters back & forth all through his schooling. All communication was through the World Mission office & that was the only way to reach him.

This morning I received a major surprise. I had a facebook message asking me to accept this young man as a friend!! What a shock. He found me. I've also found where he tried to reach me via Skype. It was a "thrilling morning" to be able to respond to him via facebook & say "YES" I am your friend & I am who you are looking for. It was wonderful to hear back from him.

I have found another "son" of mine. He is married & has a son himself. He is a pastor & is also working at one of the theological colleges in Africa. I am so thrilled by all of this. Technology has truly changed the world in a very short time. God is good.

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