Wednesday, November 18, 2009

One Year

It's been a year, a year since Dennis passed away. A year of learning, growing, grieving and just being. It certainly hasn't been an easy year. I have missed him terribly. I think about how he would have done this or that differently than I have done it. Or just things that he could have done around here that I cannot do. He was a big presence.

I'm thankful for friends and relatives who have been so helpful over the past year. It is interesting those who have remembered the day & mentioned it or sent a card. Those who perhaps remembered but didn't mention it..............and those who have no clue when it happened beyond the fact that it was in November.

Thank you to all my relatives & friends who care & who have helped over the past year. Praise God that He is with me & guiding me daily.


Syd said...

I think of Dennis and bless him every time I sit down at my wonderful little spinning wheel. I still remember how lovingly he packed it so it was received in good shape. My husband was so impressed and amazed that there was more packing material then spinning wheel!

Wanda said...

Well, that's Dennis for sure. He could pack most anything & pack it well. Whenever I'm packing stuff away or helping others pack something, I think of how I know he would do a much better job of it!!