Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mice again

I have found the answer to the "mice" issue. A friend told me to get a live trap so they are trapped live. I wasn't much interested because then I would have to kill the mouse (strange isn't it when I'm still killing it with a trap). Then my mind cleared & I got the answer. I went to Co-op & looked at their live traps..............I found one -- Havahart ex-small traps with 2 doors!! I bought two and tried one out the first night. A FROZEN mouse!! That worked.

Last night I tried both traps. TWO MICE, one alive & the other well, perhaps frozen, at least it was dead. I took the traps out in front of the house & brought out Jamie & Malen. Jamie handled the first one just fine. She doesn't eat it, just takes care of killing it. Malen's was already dead, but she got the feel.

So redo the traps this afternoon & I'm sure I'll have two more every night until all of them are gone (and then put them out again when they repopulate & return).

I really like these traps & am very thankful that Jamie & Malen will take care of the rest of the problem for me.


Sammie said...

What a good thing that you found something that worked! I'll have to get some of them, too, to put in my garage. I don't know if my cats would take care of them for me though.


Wanda said...

Well, try one and see! I take the trap out to a large open area & make sure the girls know what is in it. I've only had one disaster. I was a little too close to the garage & the mouse ran into some weeds next to the cement driveway area. Jamie got trapped trying to find the mouse there & it escaped into a hole in the garage door. Next time I'll go further away from the garage. Otherwise it was5 mice in like 4 days. Good luck.

Shelley said...

I would be afraid that the Beatles would eat them. But since you know that yours won't, then this is a great idea. What do you do with them after the corgis "take care" of them?


Wanda said...

I was surprised that the girls don't eat them. They eat dead birds, dead worms, etc.

I usually have to wait a bit, as Jamie feels I'm trying to take away a "toy" that she likes to play with. So she will not give it to me or drop it. Once she's distracted and away from it, then I pick it up by its tail & throw it in the big trash barrel.