Thursday, July 30, 2009

Grace & Glory aka GG

GG went into labor this morning. By 10:30 she had not progressed like I felt she should. I called a friend and waited another hour looking for progress............none. By 11:50 I called the vet & spoke with them. No, I said, she wasn't straining, but she was in labor & not making any progress & she was due. Well, it was either they would come out around 1:30 or me to take her in after 1. Well, I haven't wanted to learn to hook the trailer up to the pickup at all, no desire. So I found a friend who would & would also go in with us.

so about 12:55 we had the trailer hooked up and it took us about 5 minutes to catch GG. She did follow my lead much better than she ever had before. We got there about 1:15. The cria was breech, presenting with a front foot & her butt. The vet (young female) worked quite a while before getting him out. He was alive when we got there, but died before she could get him out. Either stress, too long to get him out, or perhaps a cord problem.

GG is ok, but like me quite sad. The cria would have been solid black, a handsome boy. GG is silver or rose gray & Hershey (daddy) is medium brown. So he was a surprise being black.

One more delivery to go I believe.............well, one at the most IF she truly is pregnant.

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